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IP Applications & Prosecution

An idea - when expressed in an original way - is worth protecting.

The owner of copyright in a literary, artistic, musical, or dramatic work has the sole right to produce or reproduce that work.

Copyright exists in any original work at the moment of its creation, but copyright registration provides an additional layer of protection to its owner, making it easier to stop copycats and to commercialize the work through licensing.


Successful businesses have brands that set them apart. Building a solid brand means investing not only in your brand identity, but also ensuring that your brand is, and stays, unique to you.

Applications for trademarks can cover various brand elements, including:

  • words, like a company’s name, product names, or slogan;

  • designs, like a logo;

  • colours, sounds, scents, and more.


A trademark registration gives its owner exclusive use of the trademark across the country, and additional advantages if taking action against a copycat is necessary.

Plant Breeders' Rights

The Canadian equivalent of plant patents, plant breeders' rights (PBR) protect the propagating material in a plant variety, allowing the owner to protect it from exploitation by others.

Filed with the Plant Breeders' Rights Office (PBRO) at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, PBR applications are substantively examined for novelty, distinctness, uniformity, and stability.

Applicants residing outside of Canada must authorize a Canadian PBR agent to act on their behalf throughout the PBR process and for the duration of the protection.


Having a monopoly over an invention gives the holder a strategic advantage over competitors and can attract funding from investors.


Patents provide such a monopoly over new and useful inventions, and can protect products, chemical compositions, machines, and processes against copying.

Burk Law works with Teitelbaum Bouevitch to offer clients patent strategy and drafting services.

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